Samsung Gains Rights to ArrayComm Smart Antenna Technology

Dec 6, 2005 – SAN JOSE, California

ArrayComm, the wireless industry’s leading source of smart antenna technologies, today announced that it has granted Samsung Electronics the right to use ArrayComm’s smart antenna solutions for Samsung wireless communications base station products. The agreement gives Samsung full rights to use ArrayComm solutions for base stations across the full breadth of their wireless portfolio.

As wireless operator strategies expand to include more broadband data and bandwidth-hungry multimedia services, demands for higher performance from wireless networks are increasing dramatically — from operators of established technologies like WCDMA as well as emerging networks such as HSDPA and WiMAX. In extensive commercial deployments, ArrayComm has proven that smart antenna technologies can help equipment providers meet these demands through significant improvements in system range, capacity, data rates, and coverage quality.

“ArrayComm’s technology has demonstrated great performance,” said Kitae Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Telecommunication Network Business. “This technology and ArrayComm’s support can provide strategic advantages for our wireless business.”

“We are dedicated to realizing the vision we share with Samsung of a true mobile broadband future,” added Martin Cooper, ArrayComm’s Executive Chairman. “We are privileged to work with a leader like Samsung toward that goal.”

About ArrayComm

ArrayComm LLC, founded in 1992, is the recognized leader in smart antenna solutions for mobile broadband and cellular wireless systems. ArrayComm’s technology can deliver large gains in the coverage, capacity, and data rates of any wireless communications system, in base station, client device, or MIMO architectures. Applications to date include WiMAX, PHS, GSM, WLL, WCDMA, and HC-SDMA. ArrayComm smart antenna software is operating in more than 275,000 commercial deployments today. For more information, please visit

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