POSDATA and ArrayComm Partner For WiBRO/Mobile WiMAX

802.16e Range, Capacity, Coverage Improvements Targeted

Jul 7, 2005 – BUNDANG, Korea and SAN JOSE, California

POSDATA and ArrayComm today announced an agreement to incorporate ArrayComm’s smart antenna software into POSDATA’s high performance base station. This combination is expected to yield large improvements in overall system range, capacity, and coverage quality for 802.16e networks, offering WiBRO and Mobile WiMAX users higher data rates over wider areas. The parties also agreed to closely collaborate on marketing and cooperate to harmonize standards. 

System development is being jointly performed by POSDATA’s Korean and US R&D groups in conjunction with ArrayComm’s R&D team. Work for WiBRO has already commenced and availability is planned for fourth quarter of 2005. Commercial availability for Mobile WiMAX will follow. 

WiMAX technology, based on the 802.16e standard, is designed to help service providers across global markets deliver economical broadband data, voice, and video services to both residential and business customers. WiBRO, a Korean based standard, and Mobile WiMAX, its international counterpart, are subsets of 802.16e, and designed for mobile applications. 

“Our vision and focus is to provide end-to-end, all-IP, mobile broadband systems to Service Providers that fit into their business models,” said Byung-Chang Yoo, POSDATA’s CEO. “POSDATA’s mobile systems were designed from the ground up based on the 802.16e standard; therefore, the systems are not constrained by existing fixed wireless access or conventional cellular technologies. By partnering with ArrayComm, POSDATA can offer the first WiBRO and Mobile WiMAX systems with field-proven smart antenna technology.” 

POSDATA’s all-IP, mobile broadband systems include WiBRO and Mobile WiMAX standards-based Base Stations, Access Control Routers, and terminal devices. This Radio Access Network complements POSDATA’s long history of IP-based System Integration, Network Integration, and application development to provide total mobile broadband solutions to Service Providers worldwide. 

“We are very pleased to have this opportunity to work with a world class organization such as POSDATA,” said Martin Cooper, ArrayComm’s Executive Chairman. “Korea is truly pioneering the deployment of mobile broadband networks and the POSDATA team has very quickly established themselves as a leader. We look forward to working closely with them to build the market for WiBRO and WiMAX systems in Korea and worldwide.” 

ArrayComm’s smart antenna solutions, operating today in over 250,000 commercial base stations in several wireless protocols, are field-proven to reduce interference and increase coverage in multi-cell networks, significantly improving operator economics and end-user experiences. ArrayComm solutions are designed to include the full range of MIMO, AAS, and client-device smart antenna architectures. 


POSDATA, founded in 1989, is one of the largest System Integrators in Korea and is a leader in WiBRO and Mobile WiMAX products and technology. With R&D centers in the US and Korea, POSDATA is very active in developing core OFDMA technology, creating mobile broadband products, and supporting trials for Service Providers inside and outside of Korea based on the IEEE 802.16e standard. For more information, please contact mschy@posdata-usa.com.

About ArrayComm

ArrayComm LLC, founded in 1992, is the recognized leader in smart antenna solutions for mobile broadband and cellular wireless systems. ArrayComm’s technology can deliver large gains in the coverage and capacity of any wireless communications system (other applications to date include PHS, GSM, WLL, WCDMA, and the iBurst™ broadband wireless system). More than 250,000 base stations in commercial service worldwide are equipped with ArrayComm software. For more information, please visit www.arraycomm.com.

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