NEC Delivers WiMAX Base Stations with ArrayComm PHY Baseband Solution to UQ Communications in Japan

NEC’s PasoWings BS202 BTS in commercial operation


Apr 5, 2010 – Oak Brook, Illinois

The first WiMAX base stations to feature ArrayComm’s PHY solution, including A-MASTM multi-antenna signal processing software, were selected for commercial operation in Japan’s UQ Communications network by NEC.

ArrayComm contributed to NEC’s PasoWings BS 202 BTS realization by providing PHY baseband solution, including A-MASTM, and joint development professional services. ArrayComm’s PHY baseband solution enables best-in-class performance at an economical cost, while maintaining full profile and standards compliance.

“We are proud of this successful collaboration with NEC to jointly integrate our WiMAX solution into NEC’s market-leading PasoWings BS202 base station,” said Bruce Duysen, president of ArrayComm. “UQ Communications’ major metropolitan areas are ideal environments to show ArrayComm’s extensive experience in all aspects of baseband technology, including our A-MAS™ advanced multi-antenna signal processing software”.

“By partnering with ArrayComm, we were able to save development cost, and most importantly reduce development lead-time”, said K. Jay Miyahara, Corporate Chief Engineer, NEC. “We now have a valuable partner to help us stay ahead of the competition and penetrate new markets.”

NEC is one of two BTS vendors selected to support UQ Communications’ nation-wide mobile WiMAX network in Japan.

For this article in Japanese (downloadable PDF format), please click this link.

About ArrayComm

ArrayComm is a provider of physical layer solutions for wireless infrastructure and client device applications. ArrayComm is a world leader in Multi-Antenna Signal processing, delivering commercial A MAS™ software now that combines MIMO, beamforming, and interference cancellation to improve end user experiences and radio network economics through gains in coverage, client data rates, and system capacity. The company’s comprehensive and flexible PHY solutions include optimized DSP software and hardware accelerators that save development costs and time-to-market.


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