T. Russell Shields – Chair
Russ Shields is Chair of Ygomi. In 2008, to recognize his career defining new industries, the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business awarded him the Distinguished Alumni Award in Entrepreneurship.
Mr. Shields is a Board Member of the ITS World Congress, founding Board Member of ITS America, former chair of the TRB Communications Committee, former Convener of ISO/TC204/WG16, and current Chair of the ITU-organized Collaboration on ITS Communications Standards. Mr. Shields is also a member of the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board, a Presidential advisory committee. He received the 1998 SAE Delco Electronics ITS Award, was named an SAE Fellow in 2007, was inducted into the inaugural class of ITS America’s Hall of Fame in 2008, and was named the inaugural U.S. member of the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2019, he was named to the inaugural class of the FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership.
Mr. Shields holds a BA in mathematics from Wichita State University and two degrees (an MA in history and an MBA) from the University of Chicago.

Yuka Gomi – President
Yuka Gomi is President of Ygomi. Before forming Ygomi, Ms. Gomi was an information technology consultant and system architect for Navteq (now HERE). Previously, Ms. Gomi was a database engineer at Matsushita Communications Industries. Ms. Gomi serves as a U.S. expert for probe data standards in the international technical committee for Intelligent Transport System Standards (ISO/TC 204).
Ms. Gomi holds a BS in mathematics from Tsuda College (Japan) and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Errol Scialom – Chief Financial Officer
Errol Scialom is Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Ygomi in 2006, Mr. Scialom had a 33-year career with Goodyear, retiring as Vice President and CFO – European Union Region and Member of the Board of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe BV.
Mr. Scialom earned a bachelor's degree in accounting and studied law and economics at the Faculté de Droit et Sciences Economiques de Nice before receiving a master's degree in financial management from HEC-CESA Finance (France).

Paul Barnard – Chief Technology Officer
Paul Barnard is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Barnard is responsible for ensuring that Ygomi’s IT infrastructure, research, and software development efforts produce world-class solutions. Mr. Barnard is an IT industry veteran with a 20-year track record of helping organizations more effectively design, develop and deliver leading-edge technology products.
Before Mr. Barnard joined the Ygomi companies in 2006, he was Vice President of Engineering for IP Wireless, with responsibility for the development and enhancement of IP Wireless’s UMTS-TDD wireless infrastructure and modem equipment, helping to grow engagements with key customers. Earlier in his career, Mr. Barnard held a number of R&D leadership positions for Nortel Networks and BelAir Networks.
Mr. Barnard holds a BS in electrical and electronic engineering from Portsmouth Polytechnic (United Kingdom).

Brian Haan – Chief Security Officer
Brian Haan is Vice President, Information Technology, and Chief Security Officer. Mr. Haan joined Ygomi in November 2007, bringing more than 20 years of technical and management experience maximizing reliability in highly distributed, mission-critical data networks. He has overseen software development, global data center and security policy/operations, telecommunications, and network design/implementation. In addition, he has extensive experience in process improvement and monitoring, and in the development of standards that improve the quality and uptime of operational systems.
Previously, Mr. Haan was Senior Vice President for Information Technology Global Operations at the electronic payment processing firm eFunds. Mr. Haan has also served as Director of Global Operations at, where he managed a network comprising four data centers and more than 800 servers worldwide. From 1990 to 1994, he served in the United States Air Force, where he designed and oversaw data systems for aircraft maintenance.
Mr. Haan holds a BS in computer data systems, an MS in cyber security, and an MBA from the University of Maryland; and an MS in computer information systems from Boston University.