Ygomi and its predecessor companies have been helping define new industries for more than 40 years. From large-scale databases, to technical support, to mobile phones, to telematics, Ygomi has been – and continues to be – at the forefront of innovation, shaping business and daily life for billions of people.

The chart below shows some of the highlights of our history.






SEI Information Technology, pioneering organization in project oriented software consulting with 35 years of technology leadership. Profitably sold in 2004.


SEI Government Operations, worked on large U.S. government IT systems. Profitably sold in 1983.


Cellular Business Systems (CBSI), back-office billing and services for the emerging cellular industry. Profitably sold in 1986 to be part of Convergys, which was acquired by NEC in May 2012.


SEI McDonald’s, expanded from initial POS software to full service restaurant technology support around the world. Profitably sold to McDonald’s in 2010 to support its future technology strategy.


Navigation Technologies, world leader in digital map databases for advanced transportation applications. Involved through 2004 IPO. Later Navteq, now Nokia Here. Acquired in 2008 by Nokia in an $8.1 billion cash transaction.


Began SEI call center business. www.seillc.com
  • 100% ownership


SEI Microsoft, expanded from an initial support role to a full inside sales operation. Profitably sold in 2011.


Founded Connexis. www.connexis.com
  • 100% ownership


Took majority position in ArrayComm. www.arraycomm.com
  • 100% ownership