Getting Beyond Cellular with Success: WCA 2006 Panel to Discuss the Key to Viable Network Economics in Next-Generation Wireless

June 29 discussion to include BellSouth, Intel, Alvarion, Kyocera, and ArrayComm


Jun 22, 2006 – Washington, DC

Martin Cooper, Executive Chairman of ArrayComm LLC, will moderate a panel of distinguished wireless industry leaders in Washington DC on June 29th at WCA 2006 — the wireless broadband industry’s premier global convention organized by the Wireless Communications Associates International (WCA). The first of its kind, the panel will address The Economics of MAS Architectures in Broadband Wireless Access Networks.

New wireless broadband offerings require dramatically lower network cost structures to succeed. Multi-antenna signal processing (MAS) solutions — including MIMO and “smart antenna” architectures — have been proven to deliver substantial efficiency gains in prior applications. As a result, efforts to incorporate MAS solutions for 3GLTE, WiMAX, and HSPA networks are now underway throughout the industry. To broaden understanding of the causes and implications of this sea change in radio network design, WCA has coordinated a panel discussion of MAS-enabled economics at WCA 2006 next week. The discussion will explain the key drivers of increased MAS adoption, explore case studies of successes to date (including the leading-indicator wireless data market in Japan), and address operator considerations in leveraging the technology.

The discussion will include representatives from companies at the core of current innovation in MAS-enabled systems development and application:

  • Mel Levine, Director, Product Management, Wireless Services Group, BellSouth
  • Dr. Siavash M. Alamouti, CTO, Service Provider Business Group & Intel Fellow, Mobility Group, Intel Corp.
  • Dr. Mohammad S. Shakouri, Corporate Vice President, Strategy, Alvarion & WCA Director
  • Dr. Deepshikha Garg, Senior Systems Engineer, Kyocera Telecommunications Research Corp.
  • Martin Cooper, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, ArrayComm LLC & WCA Director

“We at WCA are thrilled to have such a distinguished panel of experts speaking at our convention,” commented WCA President Andrew Kreig. “The growth in momentum around MAS is clear, and I think this subject will make for a terrific discussion at WCA 2006 at this exciting juncture for the industry.” The session is scheduled for June 29th at 1:45pm in the Omni Shoreham Executive Room.

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