Freescale and ArrayComm Join Forces to Deliver Multi-Antenna Signal Processing Technology for WiMAX Base Stations

Reference design developed to enhance performance and reduce operating costs of WiMAX infrastructure equipment


Sep 12, 2007 – TOKYO, Japan

Operators of WiMAX networks can look forward to base band equipment offering dramatic improvements in range, coverage quality and operating efficiency thanks to a joint solution from Freescale Semiconductor and ArrayComm LLC.

The companies have developed a reference design intended to speed and simplify the creation of high-performance WiMAX base station equipment. The solution combines ArrayComm’s multi-antenna signal processing software (A-MAS™) with Freescale’s high-performance MSC8144 quad-core digital signal processor — the industry’s highest performance programmable digital signal processor (DSP).

The reference design leverages the high performance of the MSC8144 DSP to handle both Media Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) processing. Equipment based on the solution delivers high frequencies, superior channel density and low operating costs. “While baseline profiles and certification waves are a good start, even greater performance gains can be achieved by leveraging ArrayComm’s software,” said Steve Sifferman, president of ArrayComm. “The end result of this collaboration allows our customers to profit from our ability to fully utilize the advanced processing power, versatility and features of Freescale’s DSP technology to create our highly advanced signal processing algorithms that drive significant improvements in wireless broadband network economics.”

Compared with current generations of WiMAX base station equipment systems, products based on the combined solution can offer 2 to 4 times greater coverage, more than doubled data rates, and as much as a tenfold capacity increases for 802.16/WiMAX networks. The reference design meets the IEEE 802.16e standard and conforms to the WiMAX Forum base profile.

ArrayComm’s A-MAS software offers unique support of multiple input/multiple output (MIMO), adaptive antenna system (AAS) and combined MIMO/AAS modes. It incorporates all the antenna processing aspects of the WiMAX profiles approved by the WiMAX Forum Mobile Task Group for IEEE 802.16e. A MAS leverages more than 14 years of ArrayComm experience in commercial multi antenna signal processing applications, yielding a software solution that accelerates development of advanced base station products and reduces technical risk. The enhanced performance of the A MAS enabled network equipment can vastly improve the OPEX and CAPEX bottom line and ensure the most favorable business case for WiMAX service providers.

The MSC8144 DSP is based on StarCore® technology and is designed to reduce system cost and improve performance for intensive network processing. Addressing industry requirements for consolidation and reuse, the MSC8144 DSP takes single chip integration to new levels, embedding four multiple-issue 1GHz StarCore® DSP cores, integrating the industry’s largest DSP embedded memory at 10.5Mbytes, security coprocessor, RISC engines and incorporating an abundance of high speed networking interfaces, while maintaining a highly competitive cost and power.

“The high-performance programmable processing of the MSC8144 DSP allows OEMs to use the same device, hardware platform and tools for multiple applications by using differentiated software loads,” said Jeff Timbs, director of marketing for Freescale’s Networking Systems Division. “The combination of the MSC8144’s processing performance with ArrayComm’s multi-antenna software offers significant savings on development time, decreased base station costs and performance benefits for a new generation of broadband wireless infrastructure equipment.”

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