DesignArt Networks and ArrayComm Announce Alliance for Enhanced WiMAX Micro- and Picocell Solutions

ArrayComm A-MAS™ software with DesignArt Networks DAN2400 SoC platform

Feb 11, 2009 – Barcelona, Spain, and Oak Brook, Illinois


DesignArt Networks Ltd and ArrayComm LLC announced today an alliance to bring to market a new class of WiMAX Micro- and Picocell design solutions that include ArrayComm A-MAS™ software, embedded on DesignArt Networks’ DAN2400 open SoC platform.

The joint effort delivers the most compact, yet powerful, WiMAX base station and relay designs, with superior price performance, utilizing an array of up to 6 RF channels for advanced signal processing. Resulting products will be able to take advantage of DesignArt’s single-chip SoC design architecture, while delivering a level of performance typically only found in high-end macro base stations.

Operators will benefit from very compact and low-cost base stations, enhanced with ArrayComm’s superior combination of MIMO, beamforming, and adaptive interference cancellation. Coupled with DesignArt’s zero-cost self-backhaul capabilities, these products will facilitate the dense cellular deployments required for seamless mobile WiMAX services.

“We are enhancing the ability of operators to make money with WiMAX”, said Bruce Duysen, President of ArrayComm. “Low cost base stations—especially pico- and microcells—need superior throughput and range in congested, high interference environments. ArrayComm’s A-MAS software, enabled by the high processing power of DesignArt Networks’ embedded DSP core, is the key for lowering overall system costs.”

DesignArt’s DAN2400 open SoC platform offers the most advanced design architecture for WiMAX and BWA applications—integrating all baseband and processing sub-systems of a complete base and relay station onto a single silicon chip. The scalable architecture of the DAN2400 provides embedded DSP support for up to 6 RF channels.

“The collaboration with ArrayComm, as the leading provider of multi-antenna signal processing solutions, provides an ideal complement to our open DAN2400 open SoC platform, enhancing our vision of dense indoor and outdoor Picocell Underlay deployments,” said Assaf Touboul, CTO, DesignArt Networks. “It is a testament to the open nature of the DAN2400 platform, and the superior software processing capabilities embedded on all layers in our multi-core SoC architecture. Clearly, the evolution of WiMAX and LTE will make increased use of high-end signal processing capabilities, and together with ArrayComm we feel ready to lead this evolution.”

About DesignArt Networks

DesignArt Networks Ltd is the leading supplier of highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for the evolving mobile broadband network. Based on a unique targeted multi-core architecture, the DAN open SoC platform integrates, in a single-chip silicon product, all baseband and processing sub-systems required for the design of complete 4G base stations, enhanced with high-capacity self-backhaul and networking capabilities. DesignArt provides a single system development framework, including full-featured software applications, suitable for any type and form factor of base and relay stations, as well as high-capacity, carrier-grade PtP and PtMP backhaul systems.

Vendors benefit from the low-cost yet powerful and flexible product portfolio, while drastically reducing R&D and life -cycle expenses, and optimizing time-to-market. Operators benefit from best-of-breed, yet compact RAN equipment with optional self-backhaul capabilities. Carrier-grade NLOS backhaul enables flexible selection of low-cost cell sites – substantially lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) across the evolving RAN infrastructure.

About ArrayComm

ArrayComm LLC, a Ygomi company, is the leader in multi-antenna signal processing (MAS) software for wireless systems. ArrayComm’s A-MAS™ software improves network economics and user experiences through gains in coverage, client data rates, and capacity for all wireless communications protocols, in base station or client device architectures. A-MAS™ implementations include WiMAX, PHS, GSM, and HC-SDMA networks, and are operating in more than 300,000 commercial deployments today. For wireless equipment manufacturers, tapping ArrayComm’s unmatched experience in MAS applications enables significant performance and time-to-market advantages while reducing development cost and technical risk. For more information, please

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