ATIS Standard Enables High Speed Wireless Connectivity

Sep 26, 2005 – WASHINGTON, DC

ATIS today announced the pre-publication of its High Capacity – Spatial Division Multiple Access (HC-SDMA) radio interface standard (ATIS-0700004-2005) for wireless wideband access.

The HC-SDMA interface provides wide-area broadband wireless IP data-connectivity for fixed, portable and mobile computing devices and appliances. The protocol is designed to be implemented with smart antenna array techniques to substantially improve the radio frequency (RF) coverage, capacity and performance for the system.

The HC-SDMA interface operates on a similar premise as GSM or CDMA2000 for cellular phones, with hand-offs between HC-SDMA cells providing the user with a seamless wideband wireless experience even when moving at the speed of a car or train.

The protocol:

– specifies base station and client device RF characteristics, including output power levels, transmit frequencies and timing error, pulse shaping, in-band and out-of band spurious emissions, receiver sensitivity and selectivity;

– defines associated frame structures for the various burst types including standard uplink and downlink traffic, paging and broadcast burst types;

– specifies the modulation, forward error correction, interleaving and scrambling for various burst types;

– describes the various logical channels (broadcast, paging, random access, configuration and traffic channels) and their roles in establishing communication over the radio link; and

– specifies procedures for error recovery and retry.

The protocol also supports Layer 3 (L3) mechanisms for creating and controlling logical connections (sessions) between client device and base including registration, stream start, power control, handover, link adaptation, and stream closure, as well as L3 mechanisms for client device authentication and secure transmission on the data links.

The HC-SDMA standard was prepared by ATIS’ Wireless Technology and Systems Committee’s (WTSC) Wireless Wideband Internet Access subcommittee. It recently finished the public review of the American National Standards Institute and has been accepted as an American National Standard.

The standard is available via the ATIS Document Center,

International Interest

An official liaison has been established between WTSC and ISO TC204 WG16 to incorporate the HC-SDMA standard in continuous communications standards, known as CALM, that ISO is developing for intelligent transport systems (ITS). ITS may include applications for public safety, congestion management during traffic incidents, automatic toll booths, and more.

About ATIS

ATIS is a technical planning and standards development organization that is committed to rapidly developing and promoting technical and operations standards for the communications and related information technologies industry worldwide using a pragmatic, flexible and open approach. Participants from more than 350 communications companies are active in ATIS’ 23 industry committees and Incubator Solutions Program.

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