ArrayComm Announces A-MAS for WiMAX

Smart Antenna Software Implements Full WiMAX Profile for MIMO and AAS

Nov 16, 2005 – SAN JOSE, California

ArrayComm today announced availability of its A-MAS™ software that implements all antenna processing aspects of the WiMAX profiles approved by the WiMAX Forum Mobile Task Group (MTG) for IEEE 802.16e. The multi-antenna signal processing (MAS) solution includes unique support of MIMO, AAS, and combined MIMO/AAS modes on both client devices and base stations, providing operators with the best possible user data rates, cell range, and network capacity for mobile WiMAX.

At the MTG meeting in Beijing last week, the WiMAX operator and manufacturer community finalized recommendations for the profiles for interoperable implementations of IEEE 802.16e. The profiles now proceed toward ratification by the WiMAX Forum Technical Working Group and Board.

Recognizing that MAS technologies are essential to meet operator performance requirements for mobile broadband wireless services, the WiMAX community selected a system architecture that incorporates both MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) and AAS (adaptive antenna systems, also known as beamforming). MIMO increases subscriber data rates, and AAS improves cell-edge link budgets, manages interference, and maximizes overall network capacity. Used in combination, MIMO and AAS yield a significant performance edge for WiMAX.

For more than 10 years, ArrayComm has helped wireless operators optimize real-world wireless network performance through beamforming, interference mitigation, and spatial multiplexing. This unparalleled experience allowed ArrayComm scientists to assist the MTG in adopting the best possible antenna processing approaches. This close collaboration helps make ArrayComm’s A‑MAS software the ideal implementation of MIMO and AAS, working independently or in concert to deliver superior performance on all key operator metrics.

“I am delighted by the WiMAX Forum community’s selection of MIMO and AAS,” said Martin Cooper, ArrayComm’s Executive Chairman. “This ringing endorsement of our long-held vision of MAS technology proclaims that it will drive the wireless industry’s broadband revolution. MAS will be as significant in the history of wireless communications as the creation of the cell phone was 30 years ago.”

Steve Sifferman, ArrayComm’s Executive VP Operations, added, “It is exciting to see the WiMAX profiles confirm Marty Cooper’s vision. Our researchers have developed the algorithms to implement all parts of the antenna processing section of the WiMAX profiles. We look forward to working closely with our customer partners to deliver the best possible WiMAX equipment.”

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